Pondathon II: My First Readathon of 2022

New year, new reading challenges! I’ve already got my eye on a few I want to try, but the first one I’ve officially committed to is Pondathon II.

What is Pondathon II?

Pondathon II is a story-driven and gardening-themed readathon hosted and run by CW from The Quiet Pond. The aim of the Pondathon II readathon is to read books to earn plants and decorate your own little garden so that we can restore the forest together. More information about the readathon can be found here.

How do you join Pondathon II?

Head over to The Quiet Pond and sign up here. You can create your own character, use one of the premade characters, or just start reading and filling out that virtual garden! Every time you finish a book, fill out the tracker form and CW will send some virtual flowers to your inbox.

There are also some side quests that you can complete for additional rewards. This month, you’ll get additional rewards for reading one to five diverse books.

My Ponathon Character

Picture of a smiling goldfish against a dark purple backdrop with a gardening spade and watering can. Reads: "Veronica (littlecornerreads)
Tobiko, protector of misfits
Blog: littlecornerreads.wordpress.com
IG: littlecornerreads | TW: lilcornerreads"

Tobiko is an avid gardener with a penchant for shoving food at everyone she meets. While Tobiko may look like your average goldfish with a Hello Kitty bow, she is fiercely protective of the dysfunctional band of misfits she calls a family and is always on the lookout for more lost children to add to her group. She may be little, but she is fierce.

What books will I be reading for Pondathon II?

I’m a total mood reader, so it’s hard for me to stick to any kind of a reading plan. Thankfully, all you have to do for Pondathon II is just read! My TBR is basically all the books I have piled up currently and I need to read. Here’s hoping I get through them all!

At Least You Have Your Health, Madi Sinha (eARC)
Beasts of Prey, Ayana Gray (ARC)
Chances for Serendipity, Natalie Chung (eARC)
Daughters of a Dead EmpireCarolyn Tara O’Neil (eARC)
Four Aunties and a WeddingJesse Q. Sutanto (eARC)
Girls in the Moon, Janet McNally
How to Walk Away, Katherine Center
Jade City, Fonda Lee
Little Thieves, Margaret Owen (eARC)
Once Upon a K-prom, Kat Cho (ARC)
One for All, Lillie Lainoff (eARC)
The Language of Flowers, K. Pigeon
Red Thread of Fate, Lyn Liao Butler
The Boy with Fire, Aparna Verma (eARC)
The Camelot Betrayal, Kiersten White
The Excalibur Curse, Kiersten White (eARC)
The Poppy War, R.F. Kuang 
The Vermilion RiddleDana Li

I’m also hoping to cross some of the books off my anticipated 2022 releases lists, reread some books, and finish some series I’ve started including the Ember in Ashes quartet, Tiger at Midnight trilogy and These Violet Delights duology. Wish me luck!

What are your reading plans for 2022? Are you tackling any reading challenges? Trying to clear out your TBR?


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